7 Good Things From Last Week #1


7 Good Things From Last Week is where I list the good things from the past week and post them on a Monday to give the new week a good start.

It’s been up and down lately. But still there were some good things.

  1. Chuwon Chuwon by Sayulee – I love this song! And I can’t stop listening to it. Can’t wait for the official video to be up. They’ve only released behind the scenes videos and collab updates from the six Japanese YouTubers but it’s scheduled for release anytime now.
  2. Peanut M&Ms – I didn’t like it very much when I was a kid. The peanut was an obstacle to the chocolate. So I was very surprised when I had it last Saturday. It was really good!
  3. Smaller belly – I haven’t lost weight, in fact I gained some. But my belly looks smaller and I no longer look bloated. I’ll take it!
  4. Sasaki Asahi’s face – Just gorgeous. So gorgeous.
  5. Etude House I Need You, Royal Jelly! Sheet Mask – My skin has been getting spotty and looking angry lately and this mask calmed it down and made it looking nice again.
  6. Posting on this blog – The first real post on this blog went better than expected. 🙂
  7. Helena’s scenes from Orphan Black – I love her interaction with the Hendrixes!

How about you? What made your week a good one?

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