A list for 2017

Because I’m like everyone else, I see the new year as fresh start even though you can start anytime really. And because I’m just like everyone else, I have a list of things that I want to do and promise to do for this year. No, I’m not calling them resolutions. I like feeling special once in a while.


  1. Workout
  2. Get more sleep
  3. Eat out less
  4. Eat sensibly
  5. Moisturize everything
  6. Buy less useless stuff
  7. Save up more
  8. Do more YouTube stuff
  9. Try not to mess up my hair

Now if you’d excuse me,I gotta go do number 1. (I say that but you know that’s number two)


We should have taken you home. My heart hurts because I can’t imagine how you felt when you died surrounded by dogs and people you don’t know. Did you think we left you there, that we were not coming back? I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Heroine continuation

It’s always nice to start  fresh at the beginning of the year. Even though you can start any time, it just feels right for day one to fall on the first day of a new year. So, let’s do this!

2016 plans:

  1. Get in shape
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Write more personal projects
  4. Streamline everything
  5. Earn and save up more money
  6. Get a Caped Baldy costume made
  7. Stress less
  8. Go on vacation for a bit


Updating my skincare routine

new stuff

My skincare routine needs updating. I wish good skin can be downloaded like an app. But then they’d probably be premium paid apps. And we’ll have pirated perfect skin apps and PSAs saying, “You wouldn’t download skin.” Yes, yes I would.

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Don’t lose it

When it comes to my career, I’m not where I want to be. And getting told that, “your talent is getting wasted ” doesn’t help either. They mean well (really well), I know, and for a second I get flattered. People recognizing that what I am capable of is so much more than what I’m currently working on is nice but then I just get worried. I get worried about being stuck and being told that by more than one person and on more than one occasion means there something wrong. Right? Like, am I being too lax and not persevering anymore? Have I lost my drive?

I will admit that my priorities have changed. Before I always just want to be creative. I swore that after my newspaper job, where I could feel the very essence of me dying and where I was being paid peanuts, I’d go where I can create. Where I can improve. Now, I ask, who would pay me more money. Getting older and having bills can do that. Money matters. If you don’t think it does, that’s because you have it. But I’m not giving up just yet. And the part of me who’s ambitious and headstrong and takes what she wants is still alive. And that means I can still fight. I can still change this.