7 Good Things From Last Week #3


7 Good Things From Last Week is where I list the good things from the past week and post them on a Monday to give the new week a good start.

Late but what the hey.

  1. Paying off my credit card – This is by far one of the best things to have ever happened recently. Though  as of this writing I have put some charges on it again. But I didn’t max it out so yeah, still great!
  2. The sister being able to laugh and smile again – This is good. I like her happy.
  3. We Bare Bears – Adorable! And the episodes just keep getting better.
  4. New Lupin the Third series – It starts October and blue jacket this time!
  5. Neutrogena bar – Been meaning to change up my skincare routine, this was one of the first changes. My skin is responding well and it’s quite affordable.
  6. Bingsu – Holy crap it’s good. The ice texture is amazing, it’s like eating snow milk.
  7. Feeling relatively sane – I still worry and get anxious but I can recover a bit quicker and I’m letting myself to shake things off.

How about you? What made your week a good one?

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