7 Good Things From Last Week #2


7 Good Things From Last Week is where I list the good things from the past week and post them on a Monday to give the new week a good start.

The Gay, the Mad and the Mother.

  1. Same-sex marriage being declared a right in the United States – Hooray!
  2. Mad Max:Fury Road – Was finally able to watch it and it was glorious. Everything about it was right. The effects, the pacing, the casting.
  3. Getting some sleep – Ceiling Cat knows I needed it.
  4. Sesame seed balls – Haven’t had them in a while so when dad brought us some I forgot about my diet and ate five in one sitting.
  5. Doing that first workout – It was hell while I was doing it and hurt the day after but it was a step forward.
  6. Khao Niaow Ma Muang – It’s a simple Thai dessert made of sticky rice, coconut cream with a side of mangoes and I loved it.
  7. My mother – ❤

How about you? What made your week a good one?

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