Etude House Look At My Eyes Eye Shadow


I don’t know why I keep buying eye shadow, I never know how to use them. Maybe in my head, if only I have the right colors, I would magically master them. And besides, the Etude House Look At My Eyes eye shadows are pretty and are like the Pringles of the makeup world: you can’t have just one.


They come in individual clear, teenie-tiny compact. Cute. While eye shadows themselves have heart engravings. Very cute.


This line of shadows come in different, umm, releases, I guess? There’s the basic (and maybe first) Look At My Eyes ones that are shimmery, the Look At My Eyes Jewel that are even more shimmery, Look At My Eyes Icing (a cream shadow type) and the Look At My Eyes Cafe that are matte. I remember another one called metallic but it’s no longer available. And that’s the thing about Korean cosmetics, they release a lot under a line but would have slightly different names and have different finishes. And they would sometimes just complete stop producing the older ones with no explanation whatsoever. Like their Precious Mineral BB Cream; there’s All Day Strong, Bright Fit, Cotton Fit, Sun, Perfect Fit etc. All Day Strong is no longer produced and has been replaced with Bright Fit, which I hope never gets phased out as it is my current BB Cream and has been for a solid 2 years. It’s great stuff.

Back to the eye shadows, so far, I have (from left to right):


  1. BR401 Look At My Eyes Cafe: Cafe Latte – Nude colored matte
  2. PP501 Look At My Eyes Cafe: Sweet Potato Latte – Purple-y gray (grayish purple?) with silver a bit of silver shimmer
  3. BR402 Look At My Eyes –  Shimmery bronze
  4. RD301 Look At My Eyes – Pinky red with gold shimmer
  5. BR402 Look At My Eyes Icing: Caramel Icing – Glittery light brown
  6. BR402 Look At My Eyes – Gold
  7. PK002 Look At My Eyes Jewel: Shimmering Rose Gold Scarf – Rose gold with gold glitters

Texture wise, most are buttery and apply pretty nicely. Though this might vary. PK002 tends to look a bit chunky, some of its glitters being bigger than they should be. Color pay off is okay but again, different batches have different pay off. I’ve read some people getting drier ones than others. I, lucky, got  mostly good ones.

dark bg swatches


All in all, I like them. Hopefully, I would learn how to use them in the near future. They are very pretty and though cheap individually, though all together they can burn a whole in your pocket.

Do you buy even though you don’t know how to use them?

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